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Social Throb helps companies to do a Local & Global Analysis of national & international products on how they are being reviewed in other Markets. Social Throb uses Natural Language Processing to classify customer feedback about a Product or a brand into Positive, Negative & Neutral. Social Throb could crawl various Websites, Social Media Platforms, Blogs as well as Emails as per the custom requirements of client. It also figures out the reasons for a Product or Brand which is doing or not doing well. Among the Social Media Reputation Management or Online Reputation Management Companies, Social Throb is the only Online Review Monitoring tool which provides Multilingual Sentiment Analysis.

Online Review Monitoring Tool

Reveal what people are saying about your Brand. It analyses on Real Time and gathers information from across the Social Networks, World Wide Web and also showcases the influencers right from positive to negative.

Advance NLP – Sentiment Analysis

Natural Language Processing will help you to collate, analyse and segment the sentiments into Positive, Negative, Neutral and other two sentiments as per your requirement.

Advance Search

Social Throb analyse sentiments with precise keywords, geographic locations, sources and many more options.

Social Media Reputation Management

Social Media Reputation Management

90% people are doing online research before making a buying decision. Social Throb helps you by providing 360 degree insights to launch new products and find customers before they reach you.

Competition Analysis

Track the social mentions against your competition

Interactive Dashboard

It shows top influencers, Demographic Analysis, Social Insights and Geographic Locations.


Our Online Review Management Services will help you Quickly Engage with your Customers

Fast response to your customers will help you in growing your business. It will help you in managing your Brand’s Reputation. One can also retain and regain their unhappy customers by reaching out quickly with Social Throb.

Team Work

Share Social Throb Topics, Alerts and Reports before content gets viral. You can also filter by Timeframe and other specifications.

Triangulate, Watch-list & Engage

Social Throb can triangulate, watch-list and Engage with the influencers.


Online Reputation Management Service

We care about your Brand’s Reputation and also deliver services at your doorsteps. We have been delivering Qualified and Tested ORM Services in India and Globally. We guarantee 86% accuracy on Sentimental Analysis with our NLP Engine. Our Advance NLP will Collate, Analyse and Classify sentiments into Five Custom segments.

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